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 Mission: Fishing Hole [Mission/Private]

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Takeshi Uchiha
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PostSubject: Mission: Fishing Hole [Mission/Private]   Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:08 pm


The next day after helping a looney old fisherman find his fishing pole, Takeshi was awoken out of bed by a completely ridiculous pelican hitting the window of his bedroom. The boy went to the window and stared at the bird he thought was a complete idiot, wondering if it had rabies or something, when he noticed it was carrying a letter in it's pouch-like bill. He therefore opened the window, and the pelican flew in, crashing into Takeshi's desk and messing up a stack of books and spilling the child's scroll ink all over the scroll he had been working on, and onto the floor. That made Takeshi mad to say the least. He rushed over and grabbed the bird by it's scrawny neck and threw it onto his bed, looking at the mess for a moment thinking, 'mom is gonna kill me when she finds this out.' he began trying to clean it up, when the pelican started honking and squawking , and fluttered over to the boy, landing on his shoulder and spitting out a wt parchment from his fish breath pouch.

The young Uchiha looked really mad, but he didn't lash out at the bird this time. He took the scroll, opened it, and read the letter. It read,

Dear Takeshi,

This is Ohshitsune-San. I thank ye fur yur herp wit finding me fishing porr. I want yu tuu cum fishin with me and herp me catch a big road. Prease cum turdae.

~Ohshitsune Yoshitaka

"UGHHH!!", Takeshi exclaimed. He wanted to just throw this letter away and throw the bird out the window and clean this mess before his mom found it, but he had to do what this old guy said, even if it wasn't an important shinobi-like task. He needed to do it to help out Yoshitaka, because he was a citizen of Kirigakure and requested a Shinobi's help. A shinobi always heeded the call of someone who could pay them for their services, right? It was how you kept the economy flowing, and according to Mom and Dad, it built character in a person. So, Takeshi would hurry and get dressed, putting on his usual attire, though wearing a grey t-shirt today instead of a black one like he did the last time. He grabbed all of his kunai, shuriken, wire, and smoke bombs just incase there was an ambush or something, and he left the house to go fishing with the oyster smelling old man.

When he got to his house, the old man smiled at the boy, handed him a small fishing pole, a bucket of bait, and a tackle box, and off they went. They'd go right out to the docks, get into the smelly boat, and Yoshitaka drove it out to sea. He had to teach Takeshi how to fish, which at first the boy expressed no interest or patience for, but he knew he had to help the old man, so he'd try to do his best. He started to catch small fish, when he actually listened to the old guy, and soon, Takeshi found himself oddly at peace, relaxed even. Was he starting to enjoy fishing? It was rather peaceful, now that he thought about it, and one of the coolest things about being out here, was being surrounded by the beautiful ocean, and hearing the waves.

The boy eventually started to even relax around the old man, trying his best to smile and become polite. The old man was glad that he was able to do this with the boy. It was a secret, but old man Yoshitsune had spoken to Takeshi's mother, out of concern for the lad's dodgy behavior. When she explained all that had happened in the family, the old man said he'd take Takeshi on a fishing trip and teach him how to fish. He was confident that the skill would relax the boy's soul a bit and also be educational, maybe even fun. It was seeming to work. Takeshi was smiling, and enjoying himself, and was helping Yoshitsune catch some fish. At the end of the day, they'd caught fifty fish, of all kinds, some big, some small, and after this, the man taught the boy how to flay a fish and debone it, then how to cook it. He told Takeshi that these were all good skills to learn for survival, especially if he ever found himself lost at sea or something. The boy thanked him, and after eating dinner with the old man, Yoshitsune thanked the lad for everything, and sent him home with some ryo for a mission well done.


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Mission: Fishing Hole [Mission/Private]
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