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 Mika Terumi.

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PostSubject: Mika Terumi.   Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:48 am

Name: Mika Terumi.
Nickname: Dantsu [The Warm One].
Age: 13.
Gender: Female.

Height: 5’0.
Weight: 105lbs.
Appearance: Five foot even and one hundred and five pounds, the only intimidating thing about Mika is the blade she carries on her person’s at all time. Yet, don’t be fooled by her petite frame for despite looking completely and utterly incapable of taking a punch, she’s very durable. Though, its understandable if one doesn’t take her seriously for her blonde hair and baby blue eyes don’t do her any favours, the two traits alone erasing even the smallest speck of intimidation she may have been able to harness despite her build. Yet, she has learned to use her appearance to lull people into a false sense of security as well as get what she wants.

Due to being similar to her younger sister in appearance and constantly being confused for Rika when they were younger despite the girls having different eye colour, Mika has made it a habit of donning herself in red colours. This has definitely made it easier for people to tell the difference between the two, Rika donning blue colours, and it is because she always dresses in red that she was dubbed as The Warm One amongst her family - personality may have also been a factor in this.

Village: -
Character Rank: D.
Clan: Terumi.
Element: -

Personality: Mika is an overly optimistic and positive girl. Energetic by nature, getting this thirteen-year-old to sit down for long lengths of time is nigh impossible and she’s always ready to move onto the next activity. She always tries her best at everything, refusing to give up or be defeated since the word lose doesn’t exist in her vocabulary. She likes being showered with praises when she does something well and told when she has done something wrong so that she can fix it. She prefers people remain honest with her instead of sparing her feelings, her skin is thick enough for the truth and she appreciates it when people tell her how it is.

She is very cheerful, there always being a smile on her face, and she can easily get along with anyone, even with hard to approach people. Due to this, Mika has no problem with befriending anyone she comes across although naturally it requires a bit of effort on her part. Despite the incident that resulted in her becoming a Rōnin, she hasn’t changed much personality wise. Though very concerned about the wellbeing of her parents, cousin, and best friend, and sadden that her home is no longer habitable, she doesn't hate the Bijuu. Her personality simply doesn't allow for hatred to enter her heart and instead she feels sorry for the creatures, though she doesn't condone their actions. All the attack has done is cause Mika to become even more protective and attached to her younger twin and ignited a fire within her soul, a fire that strives to find the people she cares about and do better at protecting them.
Character History: Mika Terumi. That was the name bestowed upon one of the small bundles cradled in the arm of Sayaka Terumi, the other bundle was none other then her twin sister, Rika Terumi. Hovered over the mother of two was Ryoto, the husband of Sayaka and obviously the father of the newborn babies. Both parents were smiling as they watched their baby girls sleep for despite a difficult pregnancy, which resulted in Sayaka going into labour early, both were born healthy. With no reason for the twins to stay at the hospital any longer then a day, the young couple took them home and introduced them to the family.

Sayaka noticed fairly early on that her twins were odd in their own way. For starters, they had developed a special way of communicating with one another that they refused to explain to anyone but their dear cousin Mei - not a huge concern. Secondly, separating the girls for any longer then ten minutes usually resulted in them throwing a tantrum that could only be stopped by the presence of the other or both feeling physically ill until reunited - something they would grow out of, thankfully. And that they refused do anything without the other being present. Essentially, Mika and Rika were very dependent on one another. Ryoto and Sayaka had attempted to make the girls a little more independent when they turned four, but that plan only resulted in the two swearing to never separate the girls again.

Since she was young, Mika has always been overly attached to two people, her twin sister and her cousin of the same age, Mei. This resulted in plenty of time spent in the company of both, especially Rika’s, and a strong bond formed between the trio. Protecting her mute cousin and little sister was number one of Mika’s things to do, the blonde willing to give anyone and everyone a good beat down for messing with either and she knew the feeling was mutual.

She attended the academy at the age of seven, like most children who hailed from clans within Iwagakure. There she would become close to another member of her clan, a dark-skinned girl who went by the name Renee Terumi. She was younger then them, but not by much since she too was seven amongst a bunch of eight-year-olds. All four would graduate together. Rika looked forward to her career as a shinobi of Iwagakure, but that was cut short by the sudden destruction of her home. It was the bijuu attack that caused any dreams she had for Iwagakure to crumble. Despite the efforts of the stronger shinobi within the village, the force was overwhelmed by the power the tailed beast held and thus were defeated.

Many were killed and she does not know rather or not her parents, cousin, and best friend made it out alive. There was simply no time to search for them, sticking around would result in her death and that of her twin. So, she fled Iwagakure with Rika. It would be a week before the twins could begin the search for their missing loved ones, the two having sustained injuries from the attack. An elderly couple cared for the two during that time and the girls stayed an additional week in order to repay them for their kindness as well as figure out where to begin their search. They have decided to head to Kirigakure, hitting the minor nations along the way and allowing news to spread that there were two twins searching for their family.
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PostSubject: Re: Mika Terumi.   Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:38 pm

This character is gucci~
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Mika Terumi.
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