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 His Path[ Private ]

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

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PostSubject: His Path[ Private ]    Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:40 pm

Wc Requirement
C-rank Jutsu: 500 350
S-rank Jutsu: 1200 840

TWC Required for Tech-1190

*30% wc reduction for Fuinjutsu*


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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

Posts : 106
Join date : 2015-08-11

PostSubject: Re: His Path[ Private ]    Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:44 am

"How about we run? Or Hide? We can always do both, sensei!"

This was the simple question Ume would ask the Elder of the Uzumaki clan. The young boy adjusting his glasses and striking a pose as he waited for his answer, hoping the Elder would agree. But all he would see is a disappointing look on the elderly man's face and him shaking his head in disapproval. Ume should stop posing and slouch forward as he didn't want to do this he kinda wanted to go to his room and cry as he held Yoko's picture. As even if he wanted to leave the old guy, which he did, he couldn't due to the barrier that was put up by the geezer. Ume wasn't that scared he just didn't want to do this training at all, he had been training all week! He wanted a break to grieve over Yoko not being here, and wish he could be with her while she trained. Ume sigh as he paid attention to what was before him, another strange creature unsealed from a scroll. He didn't understand nor really care why theses creatures were sealed in those scrolls. Ume honestly just wants to relax and cry as he waits for Yoko's return.

"Ume, stop being such a child. We have gone over this... running away is not an option during this training. And besides. You are just afraid of the creature you are extremely capable of sealing it, if only you just stop being a baby." The Elder would sigh once more, as he thought Ume understood that by now. "So go! Perform the Four Symbols Seal and place that creature within that scroll I gave you." The Elder would command. The Creature was strong but from the training Ume has been put through he should be able to handle it, if injury would come to Ume it is if he is careless or is to afraid to do anything to defend himself. The Elder won't let Ume die during this training but injury was a whole other thing.

"Hmm, b-but..." Ume would look back as he pushed the tip of his index fingers gently against each other, nervous. "Sorry, I-i'm just not that into fighting. Well unless I have to protect Yoko like you said... as there isn't any real reason other than that. How bout we just end this? Running is always an option." Ume was really adamant in getting out of this training. Ume, though nervous, wasn't making up lies when he spoke to get out of this training. He was dead serious in his words and he wasn't really ashamed in telling the Elder, or anyone for that matter, how he felt on fighting or well reasons for him to fight.  

"Dammit Ume! Listen... look at it this way. All threats have the possibility to hurt your Dear sister Yoko, whether it be in the present or it be in the future. You don't know what can happen, so you should always just eliminate them. So that the risk is never there, okay? Get rid of the problem before it can arise, is what I am trying to tell you. So if me or someone of high standing like your Father tells you to handle something just do it with the mindset that it ultimately is for Yoko. Okay?" The Elder would say hoping that how he put his words would be able to persuade Ume to finish his training.

"U-uh Oh." Ume would turn back around and look at the creature, this whole time it wasn't doing anything but laying there on the ground asleep. The distance between them being only a merely thirty meters, a distance that Ume could close in many ways. "You should have just put it that way in the beginning, thing would have gone smoother.. I will do this for Yoko!" A bit of confidence was in his voice now as he stood tall and look at the sleeping creature, though it was still scary. From his back four Chakra chains would quickly manifest and shot into the ground. Not even a second would passed as they would brought out under the beast and begin to wrap around him in various ways. Though there are originally only four chains that protrude from Ume's back it would appear to be more wrapping around the creature, but that was just the almost limitless length the chains could outstretch and constrict its target.

The creature howled and growled as it struggled for a bit, but soon it's movements were fully constricted. "O-okay, capture complete. Now to seal him away into the scroll you gave me..." Ume would mumble to himself as he would remove the scroll from the punch he had around his waist. Ume would then begin to channeled chakra onto the tip of his right index finger, and unravel the scroll with his left. He held the scroll out in front of him, he didn't have any ink nor did he want to use his blood so he would use chakra to create the formula. Honestly, the Four Symbols Seal inscription followed closely to even the Generic sealing formula so it would be easily applied to the scroll. For such a powerful sealing technique it seemed extremely basic, or was Ume just a god among those of Fuinjutsu. It probably was the latter, but who cares.

Ume, after finishing, would place the scroll down. From how quickly he had done this it would seem like he didn't do much, but that was a lie. As the scroll would now have the complex, to others, Four Symbols Seal inscription on it. Ume would then perform an handsign and begin to have chains come from the scroll and go out and also wrapped around the creature, along with those Ume would use the ones he already had on them force the creature into the scroll. Soon it would be placed into the scroll with no problems at all, and Ume would release his chains. he would wipe some sweat from his forehead, as using those chains sometimes takes a lot out of him.

"One day! Oh, one day I will make this world perfect just for Yoko, and only her. She deserves everything... my beloved sister. Though, she is the one to always protect me I must one day take over that role or at least not put her in harm's way. Either it be by sealing all those who hold a threat or even the whole world, I will. I will do whatever it takes... I will try my hardest to not be timid and fearful but strong and brave. I will protect her!" Ume would say to himself, all alone within his room. After saying that n the mirror this being the fifth night he did this he would go and lay down, exhausted. Even talking to himself in that manner was a bit embarrassing but he had to keep practicing it. If he kept at it he would be good. And everything would be fine and dandy, shot. Ume at his young age had already master Fuinjutsu and could be considered one of the most powerful Uzumaki to this day or throughout the clan's history. To cement his name within the clan all he really had to do was pull of some massive feat. But also it seemed the Elder was training him for something. It was strange as Ume never knew Uzumaki at this age even trained this hard and with complex Fuinjutus.

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His Path[ Private ]
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