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 FNE Mission 1

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PostSubject: FNE Mission 1   Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:02 am


Soul's eyes fluttered open as he awoke form a pleasant nights rest. The young boy stretched his arms and legs and sprawled across his bed letting out a long yawn. He sat awake in bed for a few minutes, rubbing his eyes occasionally as he debated whether or not he really wanted to get out of bed quite yet. Mustering up his last bit of strength before he dozed back into the darkness of sleep he threw his blankets off him and swung his legs off the edge of the bed. Forcing himself into a sitting position he sat off the edge of his bed, letting out another yawn and then reaching for a glass of water that was sitting on his bedside table. He pushed down on his bed to ease himself up off of it, once he was standing up he stretched up and stood on his tippy toes and let out one last big yawn. Soul started his early morning routine by pick out some clean clothes for the day and a clean towel before heading over to the shower. Soul probably spent a little too much time in the shower as he enjoyed the hot water a little too much. Stepping out from the sweet confines of his shower he snagged his towel up quickly and dried himself off. He threw on a casual attire for a normal day with no work to speak of yet. His attire consisted of dark gray gym shorts and a dark blue shirt. With a quick brush of the teeth he was done in the bathroom and made his way down to the kitchen. Passing his mother and father on the way down he gave them a quick good morning before fixing himself a quick breakfast. A bowl of cereal would suffice for that morning, he drank the milk out of the bowl and put the empty dish in the sink before leaving the house, shouting a quick goodbye as he opened the door and stepped out into the sunshine.

"Oooooh another warm day with the sun shining... That mist is still there though..."

The mist that was hanging outside the walls of the village was still present yet again. Now that he had thought about it that same mist had encompassed the outer walls and then some for the past few days and it was becoming quite peculiar. As Peculiar as it was Soul couldn't help but feel a little curious about it. It was quite unusual for a mist like that to inhabit the area let alone circle a village. The mist wasn't moving like it should, it was thick and heavy... Almost like a literal blanket on the area. Soul couldn't help but have a deep curiosity for the mist, something about it wasn't right and his curiosity was yearning for him to go figure it out. But first he had to run over to the store to get a bottle of water. There was a small convenience store just a few blocks down that he was able to make a quick stop at. While he was there he purchased two bottles of water and then left, his next destination was the village gates. Once outside the gates Soul quickly found himself surrounded by the quick mist. It didn't take Soul long to recognize that the mist was a product of Chakra. Soul's only way of navigating his way deeper into the mists core was telling if the mist was thicker in parts. Through trial and error he searched his way through the mist until he felt like he was nearing the center. As he neared the cause of the mist it became so thick it was almost impossible to breath... And then it was gone. Just like that the mist started to thin and where Soul thought he would find the mist was an empty clearing. A small dome devoid of mist. Using deductive reasoning he could only assume this is where the mist was coming from, through some sort of device or perhaps a group of people using a jutsu. In any case the mist was clearing in the area he was at or perhaps thinning was a better word than clearing. With that mystery put on hold for the time being Soul made his way back to the village.

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FNE Mission 1
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