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 Self Improvement Mission

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PostSubject: Self Improvement Mission   Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:18 am

The village was beginning to suffocate him… all those people, complacent with how the world had begun to turn. Nearly a fifth of the world’s population, displaced by a Bijuu, and these people went about their days nonchalantly, as if nothing happened. They see the story in the paper and whisper something along the lines of “that’s terrible” and continue with their Sunday meal. It doesn’t concern them. So of course, why should they care? Shadows surrounded him… mocking fits of laughter drowning him in memories of love which he knew could never be returned to him. When he looked away from the shadows, he could see the faces of his parents, of his brother, but the moment he returned his focus to what appeared to be them, it was just a mocking shadow, pointing and laughing. He’d run and find that, no matter the speed that his legs pumped, he remained in the same place.

He screamed and opened his eyes, tears running ruts in his face. The nightmares only got worse. He envied the first few days. At least then he was numb. He didn’t have to feel this pain or displacement. He got to feel like he was a part of something. But he was awake now… there was no reason to begin his training.

It was early. Very early. The stars were still out and the sunrise hadn’t even begun yet. His tent stood on the ground, now without attention. Roku, with a handseal, brought rise to a bone pillar. His chakra remained inside and he manipulated it to grow in volume, to expand, and force the bone of the pillar outward. Utterly unsuccessful, he collapsed to the ground, a headache pounding in his ears. He knew this would be difficult; they were Shikotsumyaku bones.

So, he stood, and he tried again. This time, he concentrated with all of his might. Taking his time, he slowly expanded his chakra inside. His head pounded and his ears rang, and a streak of blood ran from his nose to his upper lip, unnoticed. Concentrate… Concentrate! Slowly, starting from the bottom and snaking its way to the top, a fracture appeared at the bottom of the bone. It wasn’t enough…

And again. A crack. Again. A crack. Again! Nothing. Again. It crumbled. It seemed the harder he concentrated, the less successful he was. And then an idea struck him. He used his Shikotsumyaku to separate the bone membranes, and then, simultaneously, applied a burst of chakra to the bone pillar; and it burst. Bone fractals hurtled everywhere, evacuating bark from trees, tearing holes in his tent, and three struck Roku himself. One in his left leg, the other his chest, and the other his abdomen. While the others struck bone and only did superficial damage, the bone fractal that struck Roku’s abdomen left a hole, that, after inspection, just barely missed his bowels. He’d be fine once he got to the hospital.

But he was determined to get this jutsu right. That should have caused a much more sever amount of damage to his body. He also determined a weakness; he needed to be able to control the direction of the blast. So, this final time, when he performed the jutsu, he only weakened the bone membranes facing away from him. Shikotsumyaku: Burst! and the bone pillar burst in the direction of the weakened membranes, leaving the area around Roku unscathed.

Here he wrapped his abdomen in some cloth and packed his tent, making his way back to the village reporting a mission success and to the hospital to him himself patched up.
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Self Improvement Mission
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