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 Killer Bee vs Wolves [P, mission]

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PostSubject: Killer Bee vs Wolves [P, mission]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:18 pm

Mission Name: Wolf Pack
Rank: C-rank
Type: npc
Client: The village
Exp/Ryo Reward: 250 EXP, 300 Ryo
Mission Description: A small pack of wolves located right outside the village have been making the village members very uncomfortable. They have a record of attempting to attack humans. Either kill or scare the wolves away. It's up to you, so long as they're gone. These wolves are strategic though and work well in their pack, so be some what careful.
Location: Right outside the village
Additional Information: n/a
Eligible Members: Anyone

Kira took a mission on this fine day, a C-rank one. He would be doing a couple more C-ranks, get to training some things, and get back to doing the higher ranking missions. It was a simple plan, but effective, just like how most plans should be. The mission he picked was equally as simple as his plan. A few wolves had been a little bit too close to the village, so Kira had been assigned to kill them. Killing those wolves was something that he had no qualms with, as this was survival of the fittest. If they were born with the right genes, they wouldn't have been anywhere near this village. As the mission file stated, the wolves appeared to have broken off from a large pack, most likely getting lost. These six wolves would be pretty easy to kill for a Genin that was smart, and especially for a Special Jounin.

His clothing, like usual, reflected the environment he was about to go into. Since these wolves liked hanging around in the forest area, he chose a green theme for his clothes. His shirt, his shorts, and his sandals with socks were all green. Like usual, his headband was on his forehead, announcing his allegiance to the world proudly(unfortunately). It was a bit early in the morning, so the streets were a bit more emptier then they usually were. The moon was visible in the blue sky, but it was beginning to fade away. The temperature was cool, going into the mid 60s.

Showing that he had permission to leave the village to the guards, even though he didn't need too since he was a Special Jounin, he was now outside of Kirigakure, his destination the forest. First off, he would have to make a trap to lure the wolves, or else the mission would take too long. So, before he began hunting down these wolves he would start killing a variety of deer and rabbits, the smell of the blood hopefully attracting the animals. After all, they had pretty powerful noses so it shouldn't have been much of a problem with a big enough food source.

Finding the rabbits he needed to kill wasn't very difficult, as the white fur gave them away pretty easily. He wondered why mother nature would curse them with such a fur color that stuck out like a sore thumb in a forest full of greens and browns. After killing seven of them, he moved on to the deer, who were at least a little more difficult to find. They were much more alert and faster then the rabbits, but still, Kira was a master of stealth and even more faster then the deer. At the very least, the fur they had was brown so they didn't look like idiots. But, in the end, he'd killed several of them, exactly four in total, so the little perks they had didn't matter to a hunter like Kira.

Now that the trap was made, he gathered all the corpses into a single pile and leaped onto a sturdy tree branch, simply waiting. In the distance, a howl could be heard, and he knew the bait would be successful. Five minutes later, all six wolves began feasting on the pile, unaware that Kira was ready to kill them. He swooped upon them like a hawk after its prey, killing each and everyone of those animals who dared to harass the innocent civilians of Kirigakure. Another mission was completed, collecting evidence as proof that he actually did the mission. Then, he left the forest and headed back to the village.

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Killer Bee vs Wolves [P, mission]
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