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 Rebuilding the Docks [Mission/Private]

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Takeshi Uchiha
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Kiri Genin

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PostSubject: Rebuilding the Docks [Mission/Private]   Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:30 pm


Takeshi had to stay indoors all day yesterday, well for more like two days. The reason being because a horrible hurricane had come through Kirigakure and the wind was destroying things, the waves in the ocean were crashing farther than the shoreline, things were being swept out to sea, floods were happening, and some people were dying. Takeshi wasn't scared of the storm, at least that's what he was saying to himself. In actuality the whole family had been concerned for themselves, the rest of the family, and the village as a whole. The family had prepared their home for the storm before it made landfall, having placed sandbags close to the walls outside, especially in front of the doors. Heavy tape was applied to the windows, and boards were nailed in too, to keep the windows in place and from breaking. The wind howled angrily outside, tree limbs flew around out there, and wait...was that a cow? Takeshi didn't really know. It could have been anything, but he swore it was a cow.

The time until the storm was over was incredibly weird, and it eventually started to get boring. Everyone was huddled together inside the main bathroom, which was the most secure place in the building. He had to listen to Mom and Sis argue, and Father tell them all to hush up, while Takeshi just sat there looking rather upset until he fell asleep. He fell asleep with his head resting on Mother's lap, and Kimiko commented on how cute Takeshi was, which if Takeshi had heard, he would have been mad, but since he was asleep, it didn't matter. The boy slept until the next day when everything had died down and the storm was finally over.

Now, since it was a new day, there was tons of work to do. The whole family, even Dad because he insisted, had work to do to help clean up the village. Takeshi went off to look at the mission boards in particular, and found a job fixing the docks. He went out there right away, and there were a lot of workers out there, but it was clear that they needed more. I man who said his name was Yamada came over to the boy and handed him a bucket of nails and a hammer, and told him to get started putting in the new planks. The boy nodded, took the supplies and went to get to work. It took the entire day, because after putting in all those nails, the boss man gave him another one and directed him to another stack of planks. This kept happening over and over again until the docks were all nice and shiny, new and fixed again. Once that was all done, old man Yamada paid Takeshi for his work for the day and sent the boy home with an exhausted smile. He did good. Now was time for sleep.

[Mission done. Exito.]

[490/300 WC]
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Rebuilding the Docks [Mission/Private]
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